Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Personal Phase 1 saga: Something must be happening!

We're in Session 20 of Phase 1B, on the way to Session 25 (end of Phase 1), and hoping to make it before leaving for two and a half weeks a week and a half from now.

I feel like we haven't learned very much. Today, in Session 19, there was "Warmup Activity: GPs comment about things they can see and hear in the room, through the window or door, etc."

Out the door/window came first. Then kitchen. It was amazing how we could just stand there and describe most of what we could see (with a bit of scaffolding by the nurturer, of course). I was really caught by surprise, in fact, flabbergasted. Guess we've been learning something. We had never talked about those particular places before, nor thought about talking about them, nor talked about other such places. Yet the speech rolled (all things considered), and we were nowhere near done doing what we could have done when we stopped. We must have learned something in our supercharged participation!

Thanks to our wonderful nurturer (who recently bookmarked this blog).

Now, of course, describing the here-and-now doesn't get you very far, since a lot of the point of languaculture is to be able to discourse about the then-and-there. Still, first things first! Do what you can do, and then as you can do more, do that next.

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