Monday, February 25, 2013

"Not I," said the Cat. "We," said the Little Red Hen.

We're away from Pakistan for a couple of weeks, and using recordings to relive our supercharged participation experiences for awhile most days. This experience so reminds me that I am not me. Rather, we are we! The processes of experiencing, registering, recognising, understanding, recalling, and strengthening are processes of a "we" not an "I". I used to emphasise this fact a lot more. I need to get back to doing that more. "Language" (now I prefer to say, talking, understanding, conversing) is a about "we-s"and not about "I-s". Clapping is not about a single hand! As we relive these experiences with our nurturer, far away from him, he is also here with us, not only in the recordings, but in our own inner and outer voices whenever we attempt to say something to one another in Potwari. I'm mentioning this, because Angela has been getting busier and just now I was listening alone. Weird. Yet, even now, I wasn't listening as an I, but three voices going on, in me and out of me, working together for understanding and growing. But it works so much better, for her and for me, when there are two of us physically together, and much, much better with there are three of us--she, I and the nurturer as the current evolving "we". (Others will join this "we".)

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