Friday, February 15, 2013

Nurturer training--subtleties of nurturing versus teaching

We can teach what nurturing is but there seems to be almost as big a challenge in teaching what it isn't. Besides that, I learned in Principles of Teaching 101 that you go from the known to the unknown. In many places the known is teaching, while the unknown is nurturing. However, the prejudice toward teaching rather than nurturing is so strong that even if we train nurturers to nurture, there is a moment-by-moment danger of backsliding. Suppose a nurture really gets the point, and never backslides. There are still that nurturer's GPs. If they haven't grasp the difference between nurturing and teaching, and the difference between students and GPs, then all we've done by training the nurturer is to put her at cross purposes with her GPs! Just as nurturers will vary in their inclination to backslide, so will GPs who basically understand the difference. Well, then, part of nurturer training is to teach them to deal with GPs who want to be students.

But the re-infiltration of the teacher-student mindset is a subtle tendency. If a GP has that teacher-student mindset, it is going to show up on unexpected ways. Of course, GPs are supposed to be a little community, a team growing together and helping one another in natural ways. Ever notice GPs getting angry at other GPs? I think it is because they are being students. And how dare a fellow-student act like she is a teacher! "The teacher is my teacher. Teachers are superior to students, as you know, and I resent your acting superior to me!" Time to front slide. Instead of "The teacher is my teacher, back to "The nurturer is our nurturer, and you & I are co-growing-participators, so enjoying helping one another along, as the nurturer helps us help one another."

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