Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Six Phases of Growing Participation

We've long talked--almost since the beginning--about the mistake we made in naming the six phases after the "supercharged activities" such as "Here-and-Now Play," "Story Building," etc., but recently I did something about it. The six phases are now  named in line with GPA.

1) Connecting, 

2) Emerging, 

3) Knowable, 

4) Deep Personal Relationships, 

5) Widening Understanding, 

6) Ever Growing/Participating. 

They are framed in terms of how our host people's perception of us is changing. We explain them apart from the supercharged activities (which we now call "special growth participation") and once these six phases are clear, we use them as a framework for introducing "five categories of special-growth participation activities", which are 




Deep Life Sharing

Native-to-Native "Discourses"

each with its subcategories. These categories are loosely--not rigidly--linked to that six phases. The suggested times for each category are the same as before.


  1. I have the GP manual and have used it in the past to learn a language. I am not using it to teach english. My images are all cut up. I am trying to find the images online. Where can I get these? Thanks so much for your help.