Friday, December 14, 2012

More on nurturer training.

Today, while doing Session 8 of the First 100 hours, we introduced our nurturer to the concept of "nurturing" itself. We told him that that is what his role is called. We pointed out to him that as he nurtures us, we are training him in the skill of nurturing, and that we'll keep doing that so that he'll become more skilled. He does often enough participate in decisions about what we will do and how, but he also accepts us as being primarily in charge. The fact that he is in his early twenties and we in our mid-sixties (and he knows I have a Ph.D. related to language learning) may make it easier to gain cooperation in this case than in other cases in the same country, where an experienced elderly teacher may have been recruited to nurture a young foreigner. Today we had almost no metalinguistic discussion, but stuck to the activities. Great progress in nurturer development!

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